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Lycra is different from traditional elastic fiber in that its extensibility can reach 500% and it can be restored to its original state. That is to say, this kind of fiber can be stretched very easily, but it can cling to the surface of human body after recovery, and its binding force on human body is very small. Lycra fiber can be used with any fabric, including wool, hemp, silk and cotton, so as to increase the close-fitting, elastic, loose and natural characteristics of the fabric, and feel more flexible when moving.

Lycra, unlike most spandex yarns, has a special chemical structure, and will not grow mildew in a damp and hot sealed space after wet water.

Therefore, Lycra is called “friendly” fiber, not only because it can be thoroughly integrated with natural and man-made fibers, but also can increase the comfort, girth, freedom of movement and service life of fabrics or clothes.

Lycra can be stretched 4-7 times freely, and after the external force is released, it can quickly return to its original length. It can not be used alone, but can be interwoven with any other artificial or natural fibers. It does not change the appearance of the fabric, is an invisible fiber, and can greatly improve the performance of the fabric. Lycra has outstanding extensibility. As far as knitwear is concerned, its multi-directional extension is determined by the fabric itself, and lycra brings only the elasticity of stretching and recovery.

Woven fabrics have extensibility only in the direction of weaving lycra, such as warp knitting (straight direction) or weft knitting (transverse direction). Trousers benefit from the elasticity in the warp direction, while bidirectional elastic woven fabric with lycra provides great comfort and free movement in both directions. Therefore, when lycra is added to women’s ready-made garments such as trousers and coats, the folds can be easily and automatically restored, and the clothes are more elegant and not easy to deform, so they can feel free and new. Even if rigorous suits and coats are made, there is no sense of urgency and constraint. A little lycra is added to knitwear such as T-shirts, underwear and trousers, which is fit and comfortable, and can be stretched freely and moved with you.


Post time: Dec-11-2020