Wearing a gel coat that is sexier than not wearing it and makes people want to stop.

When watching sci-fi movies, have you ever had wild thoughts about female spies who are wearing tights and graceful posture? You must complain that there are too few shots showing their bodies in the film, and they are all robbed by the righteous hero’s iron fist. Presumably, there are quite a few good “bad guys” on the whole earth who have fetishism like you, otherwise, the wonderful thing of latex clothes will not become popular.

Due to the characteristics of latex, latex fashion is very popular in European and American countries. In Germany, Britain and America, young people wearing latex coats can be seen everywhere. Of course, their clothes that can go out of the street are not as exaggerated as those in movies.

The latex coat has very good elastic effect and strong contraction force, and fits perfectly with the body. The luster effect has extremely strong visual impact, which can fully reflect the beauty of women’s body.

Some common high-grade latex coats are made of the juice extracted from rubber, and the latex films have various sizes and thicknesses, mainly depending on the mold size and juice processing capacity, and then cold-set. The best processing temperature of latex film should be above 20℃, too low temperature will affect the molding quality of latex film.

Many popular designers will absorb the fetish subculture into their creative thoughts, and some will directly create latex clothing that is unacceptable to mainstream society.

In the 1970s, punk designer Vivian Westwood and his partner founded a clothing store called sex on King’s Road in London, selling many rubber clothes. Let the latex coat really make headlines.

Susan wayland, the famous German goddess of gel coat, once said, “Latex is such a unique material, it is so soft, my body is so close and perfect without cloth. Every touch feels more intense. When I wear a latex coat, I feel incredibly sexy and no longer like other forms of women’s clothing. ”

Post time: Dec-09-2020