Why we are all like to wear spandex latex suit

1. Lifefashion
Cartoon character cosplay tights at the Comic Con;
Still on the stage of acrobatic bai and jiu-jitsu performances;
Or some dance dramas that are inconvenient for nudity, but have a nudity effect… In these places, we should put on tights.
Leotards are a unique product in terms of erotic underwear. They are close-fitting, sexy, and full of temptation, making tights not only a performance wear, but also more humane.
The dreamy figure of a tights expert.
2. Treat diseases;
Endometriosis is one of the common gynecological diseases. The typical symptom is secondary gradual dysmenorrhea, which often leads to ovarian chocolate cysts.
Studies have found that tight underwear is also related to endometriosis. The tight clothes worn can slightly increase the intra-abdominal pressure, and when undressing, the intra-abdominal pressure can be reduced. At this time, the uterine tubal interface is just between two contractions. Loosen the time, menstrual blood can flow backwards.
3. Fat people exercise;
Wearing tight, stretchy clothes can reduce unnecessary twitching of the tummy, thighs and buttocks. Wearing a tights can minimize the bounce of muscles during exercise. In addition, choosing water sports can also reduce unnecessary fat bouncing

Post time: Dec-21-2020